Less Plastic, More Fish


More than 100 pieces of thrash end up in the ocean each second, or 3.15 billion per year. Among these we find products we consume every day. Let's have a look at the top 10:


Yet, only small and simple habits could make the whole difference! Refusing a plastic straw, carrying a drink bottle with you, buying in bulk, etc.

Kami believes that zero waste should not be over complicated. You only need to go step by step at your own pace. Along a serie of reusable and natural products, we offer you a lot of tips, recipes and DIY to ease your zero waste journey!

The name Kami comes from a small japanese village called Kamikatsu with less than two thousands habitants. In 2003, they decided to go zero waste. Since then they have already reduced their waste by 80% and plan to become the first zero waste village in 2020!

Seeing their tiny size, you would be tempted to say "yeah but this only a drop in the ocean". However we believe their story is inspiring and leading by example.

Our mission is similar to Kamikatsu's: to spread and integrate the zero waste movement in our daily lives.

kamikatsu japon objectif zéro déchet

Launched in September 2018, Kami is a young startup based in Brussels with a single mission: less plastic, more fish!

Enough said, check out what a happy customer says about us:



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- The Kami Team 🐠