Cutlery Set


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Cutlery Set - kami
Cutlery Set - kami
Cutlery Set - kami

Being super lightweight it is perfect for taking on picnics or eating out, this functional set works just as well as any other plastic equivalent, but can be used over, and over again, and the bamboo feels smooth in the mouth like any other cutlery.

Made from a single piece of bamboo, shaped and finished. Bamboo is more durable than normal wood. Besides of being heat and stain resistant, it is ideal for non-stick cookware. We recommend hand washing to prolong life.

Once in a while, slightly treat with natural olive oil to keep using them forever!

Pack Size : 23 x 7 x 0.3 cm

Weight : 26g

Origin : Indonesia*

Certification : CE/EU

Brand: Bambaw

*Made once, lasts forever.

Cutlery Set - kami
Cutlery Set - kami
Cutlery Set - kami

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