Book - Meer dan de rest


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Eat better, waste less

Steven Desair Joris Lens Mathias Dirckx

Finally a delicious honest cookbook that tells the story of the REST!

The REST is more than the leftovers in your fridge or in your dustbin. It's also the huge amount of fresh food that's thrown away just because the products don't meet the aesthetic standards or because they're unknown. Worldwide, one third of the total food production is thus wasted. More than the rest is more than a cookbook.

Inspiring interviews with local passionate craftsmen like Hendrik Dierendonck and Bruno Greindl make you think about our food. Step by step they lead us to a more sustainable food chain. The greater their number of followers, the greater the carrying capacity of a food chain in which respect and sustainability are central.

More than the rest is also a cookbook. One to lick your fingers! After all, forgotten seasonal vegetables, local unknown fish or pieces of meat that are not recognised by us just taste much better than mass-produced food.

The authors show how you can recapture your own kitchen with simple, tasty dishes. You will also learn to experiment with techniques such as fermentation and the use of the whole vegetable. As the icing on the cake, you will rediscover a new palette of flavours and our own eating culture.

Publisher: Lannoo 

Language: Dutch