Italian Coffee Maker


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Italian Espresso Maker | Bialetti - kami
Italian Espresso Maker | Bialetti - kami

Whether you like espresso, cappuccino or lattés macchiatos, you will make the best Italian coffee yourself with this authentic Italian coffee maker!

This coffee maker is made of high quality aluminium and is an entirely Italian-made product!

Ideal to make coffee in line with the Italian coffee ritual. 

Contenance: 3 cups

Dimensions:  17 x 10 cm

Composition: Aluminium

Brand: Bialetti

Made in Italy

  1. Before the first use, rinse the coffee maker thoroughly with hot water, make 1 cup of coffee and discard the first cup. Your coffee maker is now ready to use.
  2. Fill the lower part / tank under the valve with cold water.
  3. Fill the filter with ground coffee. Don't squeeze the coffee. Place the filter on the tank, making sure that there is no coffee powder on the edge of the tank.
  4. Screw the upper part firmly onto the tank, this will increase the pressure. Caution: do not use the handle of the coffee maker to screw !
  5. Put the coffee maker on the stove at a temperature that is not too high in order to obtain a very "creamy" coffee. Heat the water.
  6. The coffee passes in the upper part. Remove the coffeemaker from the heat as soon as the coffee starts to boil: do not leave the coffeemaker on fire to prevent the coffee from becoming bitter.
  7. After use, unscrew all parts, taking care not to pull on the handle. Rinse them with hot water and keep the parts separately to dry them well. Do not use dishwashing liquid, it could damage your coffee maker.
    Italian Espresso Maker | Bialetti - kami
    Italian Espresso Maker | Bialetti - kami