10 Different Uses For Coconut Oil

10 Different Uses For Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is a natural, edible oil extracted from mature coconuts. The oil has a unique nutty, fruity taste and numerous health benefits - which makes it a popular option in cooking. But despite it being primarily used in food, there are countless other handy uses for this incredible oil.

Find out our 10 favourite alternative uses for coconut oil.

Alternative Uses for Reusable Bags-Kami Basics

Alternative Uses for Reusable Bags

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Reusable bags like our cotton vegetable bags and organic cotton food bags are perfect shopping companions, ideal for filling with fresh produce and eliminating the need for any excess plastic packaging. 

The bags are made from sturdy materials and are with you for life - and there are endless uses for them. We’ve put together our favourite alternative uses for reusable grocery bags, so you can put them to use all around the house.

Our Autumn Essentials-Kami Basics

Our Autumn Essentials

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Autumn is now officially in full swing - leaves are turning crisp, temperatures are dropping and evenings are getting darker and longer. Throughout summer, we spend a lot of time enjoying the sunshine outdoors, having picnics in the park and BBQs with family and friends. However throughout autumn and winter, we naturally gravitate to spending more time within our homes. This seasonal shift means we have different needs within our daily lives - which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for the chillier months. 

5 Zero Waste Makeup Options-Kami Basics

5 Zero Waste Makeup Options

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Beauty products create some negative impacts on the environment, ending up in landfills with trash and polluting waterways. Around 120 million units of packaging are produced by the cosmetic industry each year. Going zero waste, you should be better to replace commercial cosmetic products to eco- friendly one. Here are 5 makeup alternatives that you may love to try.
Zero Waste Swaps For Your Dental Hygiene-Kami Basics

Zero Waste Swaps For Your Dental Hygiene

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You want to get rid of plastic waste to save our oceans but still think about what kind of dental products is greener and safer? Not to fear, we are here to give you some recommendations about zero waste swaps for dental hygiene!

Back To School Lunch Ideas For Kids-Kami Basics

Back To School Lunch Ideas For Kids

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Being a healthy mom, you always want to prepare lunch and pack them for your kids. But you are struggling with the lunch ideas? You don't need to worry about it anymore, we will give you some simple lunch ideas for back to school days ;)
The Health Benefits of Glass and Stainless Steel Bottles for Children-Kami Basics

The Health Benefits of Glass and Stainless Steel Bottles for Children

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You want to get rid of water bottles for your kids in order to save their health but still considering whether stainless steel or glass bottles are a good option? You don't need to worry about it anymore, we are now providing you some main benefits of stainless steel bottles. After reading this article, you definitely want to buy these  two types of bottles for your kids.

5 Alternatives To Plastic Water Bottles-Kami Basics

5 Alternatives To Plastic Water Bottles

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Plastic bottles may be cheap and convenient, but the environmental price of this convenience is terrible. The way to change that lies within your hands - simply start using these greener alternatives! Here are 5 greener alternatives that you should consider!
DIY Lip Scrub-Kami Basics

DIY Lip Scrub

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Do you find yourself reapplying lip balm and chapstick all the time? It’s because your lips aren’t really being hydrated! It is important to exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin bringing you a new fresh, soft and smooth lip. We will introduce you three simple recipes to make your own lip scrub
Zero Waste Travel Kit-Kami Basics

Zero Waste Travel Kit

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Travel is now becoming a part of our life and over tourism is also a hot issue these days. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of the local environment when traveling. You still wonder how to become a responsible traveller? Here are the list of essentials for your zero waste travel kit